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    Ayurveda Neuro Therapy is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the Vedic principles and philosophy. Dr. Manoj Sharma is an Ayurvedic by profession and start dealing with a new project called Ayurveda Neuro Therapy which works under the principles of Ayurveda.

    It helps in restoring and balancing the energy forces of the body that regulates the physiological equilibrium to perform better function. Thus it discovers the root cause of the disease and treats the same in an integrated manner. This natural Healing Therapy deals with spine, joints and neuro disorder and perform a successful treatment. Through this method, we increase the metabolism of the body and supply the oxygen within the body. By which the circulation of the cells get increases.

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    Hence, some techniques are required to implement this therapy, Example Hot Cuping Therapy, Veccum Cuping Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Ayurvedic Panchkarma Therapy. This therapy discovers special effects in our body and results in Metrical in our body. This therapy helps to maintain/discover the spinal disorder within 7 days.

    Through this therapy the therapist activates or deactivates the organ through pressure massage on the nerve channels to stimulate, depress the blood or other body fluids to the nerve currents so as to restoring the balance of the body thus helping the body to regain its equilibrium. It also softens the lubricant muscles, helps in good circulation of the blood and fills the gaps between the Vertebra muscles.

    Ayurveda Neuro Therapy cures the Spinal cenal stenosis, Ankology spondolitis, Sciatica, Herniated disc, blagging disc, Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff, Knee pain, Cerebral palsy and Paralysis.

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