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    General Fitness

    • Don’t bend forward.
    • Don’t sit on rough surface.
    • Don’t ride & Sit on the Vehicle.
    • Don’t sit by bending Trunk or Lumber.
    • Don’t maintain same posture for long time.
    • Don’t stand with the same posture for long time.
    • Prescribed exercises should be done correctly in proper order.
    • See that while sitting, standing & During walking Lumber & Trunk should be straight.
    • Tie Lumber support belt.
    • Tie color for cervical problem.
    • Patient suffering form survical spondylysis should not be use pillow while sleeping. “Don’t do any work which demands bending of neck.
    • Periodically apply traction by extending both legs 3-4 times.
    • Patients should use western commodes.
    • Don’t maintain same posture for long time.
    • In any emergency situation contact physician immediately.
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